The Internet giant discusses the matter with the help of forensic experts by the police.

Yahoo is investigating a new data gap of user accounts. This is the latest security challenge for the company, which is preparing to be adquirida by Verizon Communications.

The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, is answer the questions about the safety of products on the portal web in the midst of the absorption process and after the scandal of a data breach user in 2014 that the company could have met internally and have not revealed.

on Monday, the police authorities shared with the Internet giant a new information provided by a hacker who claimed that it was data of user accounts of Yahoo. The company is discussing the matter with the help of forensic experts, as pointed out by Bloomberg.

Respect to the gap of data of 2014, the experts are seeking evidence that it was a “actor sponsored by the state that violated the system of Yahoo and could have obtained user data, creating cookies,”. However, Yahoo does not believe that the hackers could forge cookies valid Yahoo Mail, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The company revealed the security incident in September, driven by a claim of a hacker in July. The continued investigation has cost Yahoo around $ 1 million during the third quarter.