Many companies have joined caring for the environment and now it is Microsoft who presented their plans so that the packaging of all the products they sell, including the Xbox line consoles and accessories , are much more environmentally friendly. Through a publication on the company’s official blog , with Xbox consoles and accessories under the heading, Microsoft announced its objectives to include sustainable packaging s in its products in two stages , until reaching the goal of having 100% recycled packaging by 2030 .

Plans to improve packaging for Microsoft products will have two stages. The company indicates that the first stage will include the elimination of single-use plastics and that all Forest fiber used in their packaging is 100% sustainable by 2025 .Subsequently, by 2030 , it is expected to guarantee that the packaging is 100% recycled, renewable or of responsible origin, or in other words, that the company is aware of the origin of all the supply of its materials for packaging, so that these are not harmful to the planet .

On the page where All this information on packaging is offered, Microsoft also highlights that the company is also committed to other issues of benefit to the environment such as control of carbon emissions , the elimination of company waste through reuse and recycling of materials , as well as the reduction in water consumption and its replacement in the areas where the company operates.

In other Xbox news, the company already set a date and price to their consoles in China , while the technology Dolby Vision-is-coming-to-show Insider from Xbox Series X and S to improve image quality.