Adobe Sign for small business allows you to register customers from the web page, send a document at the same time hundreds of people and sign and pay in a single step.

For companies of small size also can be added to the digitization and, more specifically, so that they can be added to the electronic signature, Adobe has introduced the solution Adobe Sign for small business.

This tool allows you to overcome the processes based on paper and pencil and can be combined with Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat.

“Millions of smbs already rely on Adobe to streamline your work, converting paper documents to digital format with Adobe Scan, creating, reviewing and editing PDF files with Adobe Acrobat and accessing services directly to PDF from Microsoft Office 365”, indicates about Ashley Still, vice president and general manager of Adobe’s Document Cloud. “Adobe Sign for small business now complements the range of tools for small businesses to be able to completely digitalise your business“.

Adobe Sign for small business allows, on the one hand, to register customers from the web page of the company to convert any existing PDF document automatically in a digital file.

This solution is is also prepared to send a single document to hundreds of people at the same time, which facilitates the collection of signatures. Also you can trace the signatures pending.

finally, your integration with the service Braintree PayPal, enables the signing of a document and the payment in a single step.