Representatives of Apple reported the acquisition of Akonia Holographics. She is known for developing the technology of creating holographic displays for AR-glasses (glasses of augmented reality).

About the new acquisition of Apple is known that the startup company has been operating on the market for six years. Initially, in the area of ​​her attention was the topic related to the storage of holographic data, but later the specialists fully concentrated on creating holographic displays for glasses of augmented reality. In Akonia Holographics say that their development has no analogs in the world — displays are characterized as the thinnest and lightest. Now specialists are working hard to increase the field of view on the display and increase its light efficiency.

Information about the acquisition of this company warmed the suspicions of market experts predicting the emergence of AR-points under the Apple brand. It is expected that such a product will be presented in 2020-2021. Officially, Apple’s management declined to comment on the deal with Akonia Holographics and disclose the amount. But, according to experts, this deal seriously brought the company closer to producing its own glasses of augmented reality, over which it is rumored that it has been working for several years.