Many corporations face hacker attacks — and Apple is no exception. Today it became known that the Australian high school student repeatedly hacked the servers of the «apple» company and even managed to load 90 GB of their content. The investigation into the loud case is still ongoing, but Apple has already commented on the situation.

Apple commented on the hacking of its servers 16-year-old teenager

The Australian police detained a 16-year-old teenager involved in the repeated hacking of Apple’s internal servers. Exit the hacker helped FBI staff, received a request from the company’s specialists, who found a data leak.

A teenager who, according to the source, is well known in the hacker community, used VPN and other tools to avoid detection. Compute it helped the serial numbers of «MacBooks,» which he used for unauthorized access to servers. Both laptops, a smartphone, and a PC hard drive have already been removed. Curiously, the downloaded materials were stored in a folder with the «talking» name hacky hack hack («hacked hack»).

The hacker has already pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing next month. His lawyer in an interview with journalists said that he committed a hack because he was a fan of the company and hoped to work there.

Apple has already commented on the situation for the press. The company assured its customers that no personal data of users on the network had flowed away — the files downloaded by the hacker contained only confidential documents for internal use.

«The information security department of the company discovered unauthorized access and reported it to law enforcement agencies. We want to assure our customers that during this incident their personal data is not compromised, «the company representative said.