It’s called Aruba Air Pass and can be used in conjunction with Aruba Air Slice for operators to extend the reach of their 5G networks to businesses.

In the midst of the expansion of 5G, Aruba has presented its roaming service Aruba Air Pass , which seeks to contribute to safe navigation on business wireless networks. < / p>

To do this, is based on the Passpoint standard of the Wi-Fi Alliance, allowing mobile terminals to authenticate themselves automatically on these wireless networks using their credentials.

Aruba Air Pas to be used in conjunction with Aruba Air Slice, a solution Wifi 6 based on OFDMA to improve the utilization of the air. “The combination of Aruba's Air Pass with Aruba Air Slice provides the Telco the ability to extend the reach of their networks 5G to the company”, says Jeff Lipton, vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development, Aruba, “at the same time to improve economically the overall user experience”.

“The devices that are associated to an enterprise network using Aruba Air Pass will be able to use wifi connections to access applications and services -such as make and receive calls and text messages - depending on their roles and permissions”, explains Lipton.

From Aruba to emphasize that, “as a result of the evolution of building codes, materials, energy efficient and the glass of low emissions, the mobile signals are faced with a challenge at the time of access to the buildings, thereby drastically decreasing its performance. To solve this problem, Aruba customers can easily take advantage of their wifi infrastructure existing as a cost-effective alternative to the deployment of small cells or indoor distributed antenna systems”.