Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot is based on artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to aceleranr the automation of processes in the company.

The automation of processes is a great ally to improve the performance of the business and free up human resources, you will be able to dedicate their time and their talent to higher-value tasks.

The case is that about 80 % of the repetitive manual tasks of front and back office that are automatable are without discover. So indicates a study of Automation Anywhere, which has decided to combat this reality with Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot, and its discovery technology to increase the pace of automation mpresariales.

Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot comes with the etiqueta from “the first integrated solution discovery processes driven by artificial intelligence,” “discover business processes and with a single click, create bots to automate”.

Based on both artificial intelligence and resources of machine learning, is analyzing the actions of users and ends by discovering common elements among different processes that are repetitive and that could be to optimize, while employees use enterprise applications. It then performs another scan, taking into account the possible return on investment of the different opportunities for automation, and develops the bots.

Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot promises easy deployment across the enterprise.