Gearbox has released the patch notes from the last update of Borderlands 3 , confirming the suspicions that many fans had recently shared on networks: many of the most popular points to get loot have been softened or completely eliminated, resulting in a more balanced, but less generous game .

So, we will find less eridium crystals in the caves of Voracious Canopy in Eden -6, we will see less swag tinks in the mansion of the same planet, and the Chupacabratch (one of Hammerlock’s hunting targets) will be more stingy with his rewards. We will also find less loot in Chaos mode and the damage of a pair of weapons has been reduced.

The patch also It solves several errors of the game, and reduces a very annoying sound during a boss battle that we will not identify here so as not to ruin details of the story to anyone. We recommend visiting the official blog if you want more information.

Gearbox claims to have taken note of the current problems about game optimization and programming errors that the community has collected throughout the week, promising that we will see frequent microparches , getting bigger, to improve the experience. Next week should arrive next week, at some point without specifying.

For now, it seems that Borderlands 3 players will still be able to enjoy some pieces of equipment as unbalanced as the Porcelaine Pipebomb grenade, which currently triumphs in the toughest game modes. If you need more help with technical problems, we recommend you visit our Borderlands 3 problem guide on PC while official solutions arrive.