The income of the sellers of especially designed devices for backups fell 8.3 % during the second quarter in western Europe.

The market of backup resented in the region EMEA, composed of Europe, Middle East and Africa over the second quarter year.

And is that revenues of the sellers of especially designed devices to backup, what is known as PBBA, stayed in 267,7 million dollars. This is the result of a fall year-on-year from 5.6 %.

the worst part is The led systems mainframe, whose sales plummeted 46.4 %. The income of the providers of open systems also decreased, but only a 1 % to 252,4 million dollars.

And what step in the area of western Europe which is part of Spain? That there was also a fall, in this case the 8,3 %, that is down to the 211,6 million dollars.

“The financial turmoil and policy by the Brexit, and the tension in the euro zone is affecting the investor confidence and impacting directly on budgets of YOU”, explains Jimena Sisa, senior research analyst, senior on storage systems in EMEA for IDC.

“The organizations are delaying the updates from YOU and the new projects with a detrimental effect on the infrastructure,” he adds.