The new solution from Cisco takes advantage of the technology Cisco TrustSec for secure mass deployment and scale of IoT.

it Is expected that in only three years, in 2020, the number of connected objects in the world to rise up to 50,000 million.

This generates opportunities, but also poses a danger to the security level. Cisco, who is the one who speaks precisely of the 50,000 million connected devices by 2020, warns that a large part of the equipment of internet of things (IoT) are not able to protect themselves. In addition, it would be necessary to segment devices to prevent large impacts, but the growth of the IoT complicates it all.

at this point, to help organizations, Cisco has announced the security solution for IoT Threat Defense that combines technology, architecture and services precisely to segment connected devices and enable a protection adaptable.

on the one hand, IoT Threat Defense take advantage of the automated technology Cisco TrustSec to solve the problem of deployments at scale. “in order For the IoT to reach its potential, we must strengthen their security, and segmentation it is essential to ensure the protection over the network. IoT Threat Defense leverages the innovative solution Cisco TrustSec and its design-based architecture for deployments IoT to scale to be safe, something especially important for industrial companies and those that provide critical services such as health care or energy supply,”, says David Ulevitch, vice president and general manager of the Security division at Cisco.

on the other hand, IoT Threat Defense offers analytical on the behavior of the network, visibility devices, remote access, cloud security, protection anti-malware and firewall with Cisco Stealthwatch, Cisco ISE, Cisco AnyConnect, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco’s AMP and Cisco Firepower NGFW, respectively.