is The purpose? To facilitate the movement of workloads and the flexibility in the management of the data.

Commvault has announced enhancements to its portfolio of products, which are the extension of its capabilities in the cloud with the aim of protect, control, manage, and use data in the best way possible.

“In these difficult times it is important that organizations have the flexibility to manage your data, and the cloud is a critical part of this”, comments Ranga Rajagopalan, vice president of Product Management at Commvault. “With these new capabilities, we are enabling our customers to move more workloads to the cloud and offering a greater simplicity and flexibility in the management and protection of their data, wherever they reside,”.

To begin with, Commvault will allow to backup, recover and migrate database solutions AWS DynamoDB, Redshift and DocumentDB. It also gives the possibility of convert, backup and migrate workloads from VMware to Alibaba Cloud ECS. And supports the migration of applications to Oracle databases and Microsoft SQL to Microsoft Azure.

Commvault has enhanced the integration with the platform ServiceNow to enable self-service. Thus, customers of Commvault will be able to undertake backup, recovery and migration of file systems, virtual machines, workloads, Microsoft SQL Server, and other assets in the catalog of ServiceNow within their SaaS platform.

finally, a new capability facilitates the quick conversion from Oracle databases Unix to Linux and vice-versa, without the need of an enterprise license of Oracle.

Now customers will be able to log in once to manage Commvault in multiple implementations.