Cloud, mobility and cybersecurity are the key areas of Compusof to grow this exercise, although it begins to bet on the potential of artificial intelligence and cognitive algorithms.

We live in a moment of innovation explosion. With these words the annual meeting with the press Moisés Camarero, general director of Compusof , one of the pioneer companies to bring the latest technology to the Spanish market, began. In 37 years of existence, the integrator is now seeing a significant acceleration and change in business models that has caused many integrators to disappear or have been absorbed by the competition.

Compusof, says Camarero, knew how to anticipate this paradigm shift (characterized by a reduction in margins) and open up to new markets such as Latin America and to diversify its offer beyond its reference partners HPE > and HP Inc. , with which it continues to generate a good part of its turnover.

In the last 6 years, coinciding with the launch of a new business plan, the Spanish company has located new customers and lines , mainly in everything related to cloud adoption , workforce mobility and cybersecurity .

In recent years, your customers have understood that outsourcing part of their IT resources was the best way to save costs and focus on what really matters: business processes . Thus, many of them have trusted Compusof to handle these tasks and launch the first projects DaaS (Device as a Service). Under this modality, companies do not have to face large investments during the renewal periods of their PCs and laptops, but simply pay a monthly or annual amount for each job, something that not only entails the use of hardware, but also the support and technical service depending on the contracted mode. Here the figure of Compusof is to act as an intermediary with HP and provide added value to customers.

Moisés Camarero, CEO of Compusof

The DaaS model has already been used in various integrator projects, although Camarero highlighted the deployment in State Ports, where it has incorporated 5.000 devices in this  method.

In terms of mobility, Compusof has attacked projects with the manufacturer Zebraspecialized in mobile devices ‘rugerizados’, that is, designed to withstand the harshest conditions that the smartphones conventional. In addition, we include additional functionalities at the level of hardware and software for use in industrial environments. With these devices from Zebra, the company has closed agreements for a value of 600,000 euros.

however, when speaking of mobility Bartender always has in mind the technology of Aruba, company of HPE. “The innovation of HPE Aruba stands above other alternatives on the market, both at the level of protection networks, such as the management of access and identities”, he noted. It is the case of solutions such as Aruba SD-WAN or Clearpass, among others.

Another of the areas where Compusof has selected new partners is Security, where he identifies a huge potential due to the growing needs of organizations to defend their data and IT resources. Here come companies such as Fortinet and Sophos, with which it already has developed projects to secure the business of its customers.

As could not be otherwise, the integrator takes time to work with HPE to provide customers with environments of hybrid cloud that meet their real needs. And these  needs to pass by maintaining resources in the public cloud and the private cloud or data centers traditional, but always increasing the capacity of interconnection between these worlds as disparate. That is what provides HPE OneSphere, the platform of hybrid cloud as a service of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

artificial Intelligence, a business “more fun”

True to its style, the Waiter explained that since some time ago, is betting on a business a lot more fun than the traditional (cloud, mobility, security…): the business of artificial intelligence. The steering has reached an agreement with a young company (which has not transcended the name) that provides a software of AI, machine learning, and algorithms cognitive to add a great value to the hardware solutions marketed by Compusof, “something that allows us to diversify even more,” he noted.

On the whole, have already  launched interesting projects in sectors such as the Insurance, where these solutions are capable of feed on all kinds of information (reports, medical tests, insurance, exceptions, legal matters, medical decisions, etc… ) to make decisions much more quickly, reliably, which in the end impacts in a better service on the part of these insurers.

Something similar is underway in Logistics or even the Guardia Civil, which is helping with this technology to detect and locate possible terrorists on the basis of the analysis of all the information that you have this Body of State Security.