The latest from Dell Technologies promises to multiply speed and reduce latency compared to previous branded booths.

Dell Technologies has announced a data-centric storage platform , characterized by its adaptive architecture and ability to smart automation

Its name is Dell EMC PowerStore , it is covered by the Dell EMC Future-Proof Program and can be implemented in different ways, according to the needs of each organization. On the one hand, it can be implemented in hybrid cloud environments thanks to the Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs for PowerStore. Additionally, Dell EMC Storage Services can connect PowerStore to public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud as a managed service. PowerStore can also be deployed as a storage option on Dell EMC PowerOne infrastructure.

Dell EMC PowerStore has an autonomous and programmable infrastructure . By incorporating machine learning, automate processes that require many resources, such as migrations, load balancing, or incident resolution. And with integration into VMware and support for frameworks like Kubernetes, Ansible, and VMware vRealize Orchestrato, it streamlines application development and reduces deployment time to just seconds.

Use analysis and monitoring software Dell EMC CloudIQ offering a unique view of the infrastructure. And its PowerStoreOS container-based architecture enables portability of functions, standardization, and fast time-to-market. It also includes new tools within the PowerStore Manager wizard to automate complete migrations with less than ten clicks.

Other features include a new AppsON , the integration of a VMware ESXi hypervisor in the cockpit and DTOD (Dell Technologies On Demand) to respond to load spikes and new service requests. < / p>

Dell EMC PowerStore promises availability of six nines (99.9999%), support for traditional and modern workloads, always-on deduplication, compression, 4: 1 data reduction and, compared to Dell cabs Previous EMC, seven times faster and three times less latency for its end-to-end NVMe design and support for Storage Class Memory as persistent storage supported by dual-port Intel Optane SSD.

“The organizations tell us that the main obstacle that prevents them from moving forward in its initiatives of digital transformation is the tug of war going on, between having to support an increasing number of workloads -from applications of traditional IT to data analytics-and a reality with tight budgets and IT infrastructures limited and complex”, says Dan Inbar, chairman and general manager of Storage at Dell Technologies.

“Dell EMC PowerStore combines automation, next-generation technology and a software architecture novel to provide an infrastructure which helps organizations to meet these needs”, summarizes.