Never before the world’s shipments of smart phones had registered a fall year-on-year as high.

The world’s shipments of smartphone have registered their worst decline year-on-year of the story. During the first quarter of the year failed to sell, or 276 million units of these devices.

With quarterly shipments staying in 275.8 million of units, according to the numbers handles IDC, the segment of the smartphone has retreated 11.7 % in comparison with the first quarter of 2019. And in this has had much to do with the pandemic of coronavirus that affects the entire planet.

“What started out primarily as a problem of supply that in the beginning it was limited to China has become a global economic crisis”, evaluates the director of research of the consultant Nabila, ms. popal. And the impact on the offer has been passed to the “the impact on the demand”, something that began to become evident during the month of march.

Only in China, where it’s going to stop 1 out of every 4 smartphone and where you started the infection by this virus and the confinement to avoid further contamination, shipments shrank by 20.3 %. The global market also depends on the supply of parts that are manufactured in this country, which has exasperated the problem.

But “while the supply chain in China began to recover at the end of the quarter”, adds ms. popal, “the major economies of the world entered into a total blockade”, so that the mobile phone market has not been able to close the quarter with good numbers.

“consumers are becoming more cautious about their spending in uncertain times”, notes ms. popal, “and it is difficult to think that the purchase of smartphone will not suffer as a consequence” of this. In fact, the market will have difficulties to recover during the next few months.

shipments of smartphone fell in the united States 16.1 % during the first quarter. In western Europe the decline was even stronger, reaching 18.3 per cent.

Of the five brands of phones, free for consumers, only Xiaomi and vivo (which occupy the fourth and fifth position, respectively) have managed to sell more mobile.Both Samsung and Huawei and Apple have worsened to a greater or lesser degree.

Detachable vs. slate

The negative numbers are not exclusive to the smartphone market. The tablet segment has also suffered its particular decline between the months of January and March.

Shipments of these gadgets fell 18.2% to 24.6 million units , according to the IDC itself. The bonanza of the detachable models has not been able to compensate for the bad streak of the slate tablets.

Apple remains a leader in tablets, although it has not been able to manufacture as many iPad units as expected due to factory closings due to COVID-19. Huawei, which is third, and, which is fifth, have also reduced their shipments.

The positive note is put by Samsung and Lenovo, which, despite everything, have managed to sell more tablets than in the first quarter of last year. The explanation would lie in the teleworking and distance training needs of employees, students and other citizens who have been forced to stay at home.