The regiment of young studios has arrived: part of the team that used to work on the latest games of the Wolfenstein series decided to start their own business. We admit it is always interesting to observe the rearrangements inside the industry. Equally curious are not only the reasons that cause developers to leave their homes, but also what they can show gamers without having the resources of well-known corporations like Bethesda Softworks. It seems that the current heroes do not have ambitions.

Developers Wolfenstein has opened a new studio

The Neon Giant studio was founded by three people from MachineGames: Thor Frick, Arcade Berg, and Jonathan Hecley. Their track record, however, does not dwell on Wolfenstein’s only dilogy: the site lists, for example, Bulletstorm and Gears of War. Judging by a large number of positive feedback from influential representatives of the game, in the experience, they can not refuse. The team did not delay with the announcement of its debut project and immediately took the bull by the horns: they are already working on a mysterious cyberpunk project, and judging by how well they are heard by numerous colleagues in the shop, the game should go really terrific.

Neon Giant was opened with the support of businessman Eric Gloersen and investments Goodbye Kansas Game Invest. The Foundation promotes Swedish developers: for example, they helped Experiment 101 with the creation of Biomutant before the rights to publish an unusual action acquired the company THQ Nordic.