Advances in wireless networks with a Time-Line of the Client, the Block List of Customers and customization of the Captive Portal.

EnGenius has expanded the features of EnGenius Cloud to help the IT administrators to address problems on wireless networks and address the management. These tools are based on technology of artificial intelligence.

The first of these features is a timeline of the Customer that allows you to view the connection history of a device, to obtain information on the behavior of the client and, from there, find and solve network problems. “The sequence of connection of the client based on the time” explained from EnGenius, “it facilitates the solution of problems and recommended possible solutions to implement common patterns”.

In the second place, EnGenius gives you the opportunity to customize the Captive Portal or welcome page to suit the needs of the customers. For example, to fit in with the aesthetics of your company. This is achieved with templates, logos, images and a WYSIWYG editor prefabricated to insert HTML, which will show visitors a design very particular, prior to accessing the network.

it will Also be possible to block intruders, preventing access SSID specific to customer devices that are not authorized, to ensure the security of the network. The function Block List of Customers denied connections with suspicious activity that, among other things, slowing down the speed. In addition to select client devices from a list, you can manually enter the MAC address.