COVID-19 related ataques phishing ’and relacionados malware’ attacks multiplied by 40 between February and April.

Cybercriminal activity was intense during the first half of the year. Coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected countries around the world, criminals have launched thematic attacks that have affected … companies around the world.

For example, during the first six months of 2020, Spanish companies have received an average of 454 weekly cyberattacks.

This is revealed by the security firm Check Point through the Cyber ​​Attack Trends: 2020 Mid-Year Report. No one is spared from these malicious actions, nor health institutions, nor governments, nor critical infrastructures, nor service providers, nor end users.

Among the most popular attacks are phishing and malware directly related to COVID-19, which went from less than 5,000 per week in February to more than 200 000 per week in April.

“The global response to the pandemic has transformed and accelerated cybercriminal attack patterns during the first half of this year, taking advantage of fears surrounding COVID-19 as a hook for its attack campaigns. We have also seen significant new vulnerabilities and attack vectors emerge that threaten the security of companies in all sectors, «says Maya Horowitz, director of the Threat Intelligence Group at Check Point Research.

«Security experts need to be aware of these threats,» adds Horowitz. Some threats «that stand out for evolving at high speed» and which must be acted upon «in order to guarantee the highest level of protection possible during the rest of 2020».

It should be noted that, with the relaxation of confinement in several countries, cybercriminals also directed their activity towards other types of vulnerabilities during May and June. At the end of June, all types of cyber attack increased 34% worldwide compared to the figures for March and April.