The own digital wallet of Facebook will be available in 2020 in Messenger, and WhatsApp as a standalone application.

Facebook do not want to fall behind in the market of criptomonedas, and the blockchain, hence it has announced the creation of a new branch of financial services with the name of Calibra.

Calibra will be linked to the Pound currency, and from 2020, will offer a digital wallet to store, send and spend money, which will be available in the instant messaging apps-Messenger and WhatsApp, as well as mode of standalone application.

According to explained their leaders, the first use that will be given is to send the criptomoneda Pound between users by means of the smartphone as if it were sending a text message. This will be possible “for low-or no-cost”.

Since later is expected to offer other services to individuals and businesses, as the payment of invoices by clicking a button, the purchase of products by scanning codes or travel on public transport without cash or paper tickets.

Those are all the details that has been offered, for the moment, Facebook, that it will apply the security with the same technology of verification and anti-fraud for banks, automated systems and proactive live support and possibility of refund if there is a theft.

it Also promises to privacy and says that it Calibrates will not share data with Facebook or other third parties without consent, except in cases such as personal safety, law enforcement or the delivery of basic functionality.