This is one of the effects that it has had the pandemic coronavirus in the company, on the other hand, has registered a record number of users.

results of Facebook for the first quarter of the year have suffered the impact of the crisis of the coronavirus. An impact that will continue to be felt during the next few months.

“Our business has been affected by the pandemic COVID-19 and, like all companies, we face a period of unprecedented uncertainty in our view of business”, explican from the company of Menlo Park, who adds that the future performance will depend on “issues that are beyond our control, including the duration and the effectiveness of orders of confinement, the effectiveness of the economic stimulus around the world and the fluctuations of the currencies relative to the u.s. dollar”.

During the first three months of 2020, Facebook has entered 17 737 million dollars, 18% more than a year ago. Almost all of this money comes from the advertising.

despite the increase In year-on-year registered, its makers explain that they have experienced “a significant reduction in the demand for advertising, as well as a decrease in the price of our ads, during the last three weeks of the first quarter of 2020″. This means in march, the advertising revenues were “a strong decline”.

While, during the first three weeks of the month of April, Facebook has noticed a certain stability with respect to the results of the same period of 2019, so that will have to wait to see how it evolves the business throughout the remainder of the fiscal year.

During this course, Facebook hopes to save especially in travel, events and marketing, leaving total spending at about 52-56 000 million dollars. Capital expenditures should be reduced to 14-16 000 million.

Another trend that should be observed is the variation in the number of users who use their services. Facebook owns the social network that bears his name, but also of other popular applications like the photo Instagram, the instant messaging WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

His family of solutions has increased the user base to 2 990 million active people per month. This is a record.

The users of Facebook, now that more people spend time at home and need to stay connected, count by 2 600 million monthly active and 1 730 million in assets to date.

But since the company already warn that they have “lose at least part of this increased commitment”, or engagement users to “when we relax various restrictions of confinement in the future,”.