The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have a massive list of features that appear to be a rational reason for buying a new device from Samsung, without hawking in anticipation of the release of the iPhone 6S. This article will slightly open the curtain before the extraordinary capabilities of the Galaxy S6, which the company-developer presented at a specially dedicated conference. You have a chance to examine in detail all the useful functions of the device and determine whether you are ready to spend your money on buying it.

Some features of the functional and the general characteristics of the device presented for review will seem very interesting and useful in everyday life. However, some of those that the creators of this «miracle» have deprived us of (lack of microSD and replaceable batteries) can upset many people. However, Samsung is betting on new functionality and top design, making up for all the shortcomings and urging the consumer actually to purchase the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

Two striking differences from other models are the appearance of the Galaxy S6, using a strong Gorilla Class 4 glass on both panels of the unit, and, also, a metal edge frame very different from the previous plastic versions of the cases used in the early models. Another critical update is the user interface for Android Lollipop. The manufacturer gets rid of virus programs, revises the interface to fit the version of Android 5.0, optimizes it characteristically.

Samsung introduces many innovations in the software of its new top-end device, reincarnating its appearance and characteristics, which does not always satisfy every consumer. If you have a complaint about the lack of a MicroSD interface in the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 devices, you also have to make a closer look at these gadgets, because many features and differences speak for themselves, justifying the manufacturer, forced to make significant sacrifices.

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Innovations, which are worth paying attention to

A lot of features and features are the same for each of the presented smartphones, but the Galaxy S6 Edge owns several exclusive technological innovations.

Elegant display

In both versions of the Galaxy S6, 2K panels having a density of 577 pixels/inch are used. The large display resolution of 2560 x 1440 displays the content in fantastic detail, considering the smallest details. The screen is made from the Super AMOLED panel, which already has its natural, pleasant colors and hard black color, much better depicted than in the typical LCD panels. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has two curved pockets, concealing new options and looking amazing.

Features of the Galaxy S6

Ultra-fast external memory

The new Galaxy S6 does without SD-cards, but you have a choice of the model in three copies at once (32GB, 64 GB, 128GB), each of which has ultra-fast UFS 2.0 memory. 3 GB of RAM type LPDDR4 and a powerful processor are excellent with it. For those to whom this memory is not enough, there is a variant with USB OTG.

The brightest display

The Galaxy S6 screen can be proud not only of its panel with a large resolution, which guarantees impressive color reproduction and clear black color. Subject to direct sunlight, the screen is excellent for full operation. According to representatives of Samsung, this screen provides excellent visibility on a sunny day, which is caused by the highest brightness of the display, about 600 cd / m2. For example, the screen of the iPhone 6 is limited to 500 cd / m2, and the Galaxy S5 and even less — 480 cd / m2.

Notifications Galaxy S6 Edge

Thanks to the side panels of the S6, the consumer will always be informed of the incoming call or message, without necessarily contacting the device. You can define a specific event a separate color, which will still get the right notification, even if the invention lies so that the panel is on the bottom.

Instant answer from the back panel

If you do not have the opportunity to receive a call, after winning the appropriate notification, you can use the heartbeat sensor to respond immediately. It is worth putting the finger on the neural basis of the sensor, to conservatively answer, without lifting the device to select this option.

Gorilla Glass 4

Both panels in the new model of Galaxy smartphone use Gorilla Glass 4. This prevents the display from damage, even if the smartphone goes into a fall on the asphalt surface. As Corning asserts, Gorilla Glass 4 experiences a fall in four out of five cases. As you can see, the distinctive features of the Galaxy S6 are glass panels.

Exciting photos with Galaxy S6

Samsung has allocated a 16-megapixel device. The primary camera, as well as the front camera sensor at 5 megapixels. The real upgrade chip lies in the aperture f / 1.9. This means that both cameras will be able to capture more light rays when shooting. As a result, the pictures are of high quality even in conditions of minimum illumination. If you are in a well-lit place, you can get them even more perfect effect, also if the background is blurred.

Quick shooting

User Samsung Galaxy S6 can start shooting by pressing the «Home» button twice on the touch panel. This will work even when the display is off, and the smartphone is locked with a password. The button with the small house is very fast, which allows you to activate the camera even in the process of getting the smartphone out of the pocket. Samsung informs that the device’s readiness to take takes about 0.7 seconds, which is an unsurpassed indicator.

Features of the Galaxy S6

Payment in stores using Galaxy S6

New Samsung supports mobile payments NFC, as in the case of the sixth iPhone or other similar smartphones based on Android, but it boasts much more functionality. In this case, you can pay for the goods via wireless communication by reading the magnetic card data. Built-in service Samsung Pay is widely distributed abroad; it is supported by about 90% of shopping centers, which is much more than recommended by NFC. This solution is currently compatible only with certain specific banking institutions, users will not receive any dividends from this, but it is reportedly just a matter of time, as this technology guarantees security when making payments, as well as surprising speed.

Optical stabilization

Galaxy S6 devices offer OIS technology, voltage stabilization, which allows users to take pictures in a low-light location. Also, this option leads the lens into action, which avoids blurriness when shaking hands. This works magnificently when shooting landscapes, but do not expect that will slow the movement of the baby or pet.

Lightning charge

Samsung Galaxy S6 is recharged very quickly, being connected to the charging cable. This device can work in standalone mode for four hours, having spent only 10 minutes on charging time! This is a significant detail, and, quite curiously, Samsung has provided controversial information that the Galaxy S6 can be loaded much faster than the iPhone 6.

Wireless charging option S6

Finally, Samsung plugged in a charging option without wires for its latest Galaxy devices. In the past, this particular version of the add-on was costly, so a lot of users never had to try out all its advantages and disadvantages in reality. However, now Samsung announces support for the built-in wireless charging function, which is available in the kit. Some smartphones are characterized by a single similar technology, while the Galaxy S6 is compatible with PMA and WPC. Now there is no difference what kind of charger for a smartphone you will buy on the market; it will be consistent with it.


The application from Samsung S Health 4.0 is built into the Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Edge devices initially, uses the resources of the heartbeat sensor on the back panel, monitors the stress level, and the number of heart beats in 1 minute. Also, thanks to this application, the percentage of oxygen in the blood is tracked, as it could be found in Galaxy Note 4. However, confirmation of the presence of this function is still expected.

Metal design

Such a fantastic design you probably will not see in any other smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 used a metal frame that provides a much more attractive appearance, compared with the Galaxy S5. Thanks to a new metal frame and four colors, the Galaxy S6 / Edge will be significantly different from the flagship of 2014. The design of the device is genuinely gorgeous, which makes it possible to forget about donating MicroSD and a removable battery.

Android Lollipop without strict Samsung intervention

The new models of Galaxy smartphones are provided with the Android Lollipop operating system. This version of Android is the last one at this stage, and, quite notably, there are not any severe changes on this device. Galaxy S6 is presented in a simplified design, to use only the most necessary programs and functions. This means that the trash on the desktops will be much less, scrolling applications will be much faster, without the presence of unnecessary and unnecessary programs from the manufacturer — Samsung.

Features of the Galaxy S6

Automated Live HDR

Both cameras, both rear and front, support Live HDR mode. This technology makes a preview of the shot in HDR mode before you press the shutter button. With insufficient lighting, Live HDR can create a perfect photo. Automated mode HDR allows you to see the final version of the picture when it is not already done.

Remote control

The Galaxy S6 owns an infrared port that communicates with other gadgets that support this type of interaction. This device allows you to control home appliances, including Xbox One, HDTV, sound system and cable TV. You will be able to reconfigure your smartphone to manage any devices not only at home but also in other places where you can establish such a connection.

IR white balance

If you had to shoot a photo that was dominated by yellow or blue shades, it means that you have a white balance violation. The Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge uses infrared white balance, which allows you to assess the light output in a specific area and adjust the real colors to get the best possible photo.


Samsung delivers to the market many official additions to the smartphone. This list includes the Clear View S corporate case, which allows you to see the display through its cover. There are other options, including a wallet, a familiar S View and several colored and transparent cases that provide full protection for the device and individualization of your S6.


If you have a desire to personalize the look of your little «iron friend,» you have the opportunity to apply themes without any unnecessary and time-consuming processes. So far, more information is expected about this innovation, but what is known for sure is that the Galaxy S6 will provide for the selection of system colors to match the underlying background image.

Security Mode

The emergence of the personal mode in Samsung smartphones appeared last year, with the release of the Galaxy S5. This option allowed you to hide confidential information carefully, and to gain access to it, the fingerprint of the owner was recognized. Now the scanner will be more modernized and will receive more extensive properties.

Increased energy savings

If you want to be entirely sure that the Galaxy S6 battery will last a long time, use the Ultra Power Saving mode. This feature was implemented on the Galaxy S5 but also found its embodiment on the new Samsung devices. Some functions, including switching the screen in black and white format, can extend the battery resources, calculated for 1 hour of operation, for the whole day.


Samsung gives new gifts to customers of smartphones Galaxy S6 / Edge. To start the device include as a bonus keyboard Fleksy, more than 100 GB of free space in the cloud OneDrive, a lot of free applications and services. So far the full list is expected.

Improved fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S6 features an updated, augmented fingerprint scanner, which is now built into the «Home» key. By placing a finger on it, you will be able to log in and pay the goods. In the previous model, it was required to hold the finger on a specific trajectory and at the right angle, because of which it was unrealistic to unblock the device with one hand. With a new sensor, it will be straightforward to do, at least, much more comfortable than before.

Features of the Galaxy S6

Gear VR

At the moment, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge work with the presence of the new Gear VR Innovator, which provides the experience of complete immersion into the virtual world. Next, let’s talk about the innovations of this version for the Galaxy S6.

Extraordinary leisure. This device is implemented on the principle of full compatibility with 5.1-inch displays. Gear VR Innovator opens for the user interaction with motion pictures, television programs, various services, photographs, more than ever before. Limited pixelization and a full field of view allow users to dive into the virtual reality for a long time.

Increased comfort. Since 15% reduced Samsung Gear VR, it became much more comfortable. Due to mechanical ventilation and ergonomic straps, working with Gear VR is significantly improved.

High level of performance. As the processing power is increased, the graphics component is significantly improved, raised to a new level.

Compatible with a USB interface. The Gear VR is powered via a USB port, thus increasing its versatility.

Content Gear VR can be downloaded from the Oculus Store. Users are given a vast selection of localized, optimal virtual content.

At the moment, the official final release of Gear VR Innovator with a fixed price is expected.