by 2028 we expect shipments of 228 million ‘smartphone’, 7 million tablets and less than 5 million of ‘wearables’ screens, folding, flexible, or roll-up.

The next big trend for mobile devices could be the inclusion of screens that offer something more on the level of aesthetics and performance, design, folding, flexible, or roll-up. Above all, smartphone.

there are Already models of phones that have adopted this trend, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate. But its incidence has yet to fully exploit.

The consultant ABI Research believes that shipments of smartphone with screens, folding, flexible, or roll-up will increase in 2020 and will gain momentum during the following years, to reach 228 million units in 2028,. Yes, as indicated by this research company, you have to hone the technology first to deliver a good user experience.

Firms like Apple, Motorola, Royole or the own Samsung have their own patents to innovate in this sense and stimulate the market.

And what happens with the tablets and the wearables? ABI Research believes that vendors will try first with the smartphone and, when you get success in this segment, we will test those screens, foldable, flexible or roll-up tablets. For 2028 could be a few 7 million tablet of this type.

Where it will not move much, the market is in terms of wearables, for those who prefer small screens that do not bend. It is estimated that the shipments for 2028 of wearables that follow another trend, that of flexibility, will be under 5 million.