The public record of this leading company in the world JavaScript will continue to be available for free.

The company behind the Node package manager, among other products, with a relevant role in the JavaScript world will end up integrated into the structure of GitHub , now in the hands of Microsoft.

GitHub has already signed a acquisition agreement with npm < / strong>, for which the financial details are unknown.

despite the operation, the public registry of npm will continue to be available free of charge. And those paying customers who use npm Pro, Teams, and Enterprise for their private records will continue to receive support. Later, these clients move their packages from npm to GitHub, since the intention is that npm is limited to grow as a public registry for JavaScript.

The plan of GitHub would be to invest in the technology of registration, to promote interaction with the community of JavaScript, and optimize the experience. Will continue the work already started in CLI v7 and will provide for the work spaces, the experience of publication and multifactor authentication.

With the passage of time, GitHub and npm will end up joining in, please supply chain software open source.

“On GitHub”, says its CEO, Nat Friedman, “we are honored to be part of the next chapter of the history of npm and to help the npm to continue scaling to meet the needs of the community of JavaScript for rapid growth”.