The intention is to strengthen security and guarantee users that the messages they receive from certain companies are real.

Gmail will allow companies to incorporate their logos in the space reserved for the avatar , ensuring that behind emails they send is the actual brand.

To do this, Google’s email service has announced a pilot with the new standard BIMI , whose initials correspond to Brand Indicators for Message Identification. That is, brand indicators for message identification.

Over the next few weeks, a limited number of senders will test this technology. They will be organizations that authenticate their emails with DMARC (authentication of messages, reports and domain-based compliance) and that will be able to validate the ownership of their logos through the certification authorities Entrust Datacard and DigiCert to securely transmit them to Google, according to explains the Californian company.

If the emails pass a series of security checks and it is concluded that the company’s domain has not been impersonated, Gmail will start displaying the corresponding corporate logo.

This should serve as a confidence measure for users , who will know that the messages are trustworthy and there is no phishing involved.