The annual Google I / O Developer Conference is over, but the company continues to make more and more announcements. So, yesterday announced new tariff plans for the cloud storage Google Drive, which received the general name Google One.

In the framework of this tariff plan, there are not many changes, but they will be of interest to most users. As you have already understood, with its help you can buy additional space in the cloud to store your files in Google Photos, Gmail and Drive. It is important to note that we are talking only about the rebranding of tariff plans, and the name of the Google Drive service itself will remain the same.

What changes in tariffs will Google One bring?

We want to immediately reassure everyone, free 15 GB, which users receive when registering the account, remain. Nothing has changed in this regard. Changes, first of all, touched paid subscriptions.

Let us now turn to the tariffs themselves. For users in the US, a new tariff with 200 GB for $ 2.99 a month has appeared, and the option with 2 TB has fallen in price from $ 19.99 to $ 9.99. From the tariff plan with 1 TB, the cost of which was $ 9.99, Google decided to abandon completely. Tariffs with 10, 20 and 30 TB of memory did not affect the changes. If a user already has a paid subscription to 1 TB Google Drive, then in Google One tariffs, he will receive 2 TB without additional charge.

Now about the pleasant. Now, thanks to Google One, you can share your cloud storage with your family members. It is allowed to connect up to 5 accounts to one tariff plan. Each family member will receive his own private section for storing files. It will also please the fact that now users of new tariffs will additionally receive support from Google specialists. Simply put, you can directly ask for help in understanding the company’s products and additional settings, as well as additional benefits.

So far, new tariff plans are available only for US residents and not for everyone, and users in other countries will have to wait from one to several months. If you want to receive notifications when Google One becomes available in your country, then register on this site.