Google introduced its first smartphone, which received the name Google Pixel. The gadget has a stylish design and top features. The device stands out from the competition, offering users exclusive features and capabilities.

Google Pixel Smartphone Review


Google Pixel received a stylish body. It is made of metal, on the back of it there is a glass insert that helps not to confuse the device with any other and a fingerprint scanner. Also here you can see the Google logo. The front of the smartphone is covered with a protective glass. At the bottom, there are speaker grilles and a Type-C connector. On the right end, you can find the volume rocker and the power button. At the top of the smartphone is a headphone jack. The novelty is presented in three color versions — black, white and blue.


The gadget works with the powerful Snapdragon 821 processor, which has four cores. For multitasking in the device meet 4 gigabytes of RAM. The memory for storing data in the phone can be 32 or 128 gigabytes. The smartphone works without any hints of slowing down, perhaps this is the fastest smartphone on the operating system from Google. With games, the gadget handles at the highest level. The most demanding toys give out a stable 60fps.

Photo and video features

The camera is the main thing that you pay attention to when choosing a mobile device. Google says that their smartphone has the best camera among other gadgets. The photo module of the primary camera received a resolution of 12.3 megapixels with a diaphragm of 2.0. The pictures taken on the smartphone’s camera are of high quality, shooting takes place instantly. The camera does not stick out of the device body, so it has no optical stabilization, but Google found an alternative and tied the camera to the gyroscope. During video shooting, it is noticeable that the picture is smooth, without any twitching, but the video recorded with optical stabilization, for example, on iPhone 7, is recorded more smoothly.

Google Pixel Smartphone Review

Google Pixel is capable of video shooting in 4K resolution — on the primary camera, and in Full HD — on the additional. In the camera application, various settings add specific capabilities to shooting a photo or video. It is possible to record slow-motion video at a rate of 240 frames per second.


The display on Google Pixel has a diagonal of 5 inches. It is manufactured using Amoled technology. Thanks to Full HD resolution, pixels on the screen are not visible. Their density is 441ppi. The colors look «juicy,» the reserve of brightness is enough to use a smartphone on a sunny day efficiently. When tilting, the display does not fade. The colors do not fade. The picture looks good at any angles.

The software part

Delivered Google Pixel with preinstalled Android 7.1 and offers users exclusive features. During the first phone activation, he will provide to copy information from any other smartphone running Android or iOS. You can do this with a special adapter, which is included with the device. Copying data occurs instantly. When buying a smartphone, Google gives you the opportunity to unlimited use of storage in Google Photos. Now you can backup data to Google Drive.

It’s worth noting the new voice assistant, which replaced Google Now. The assistant became more advanced, his functionality and capabilities were expanded. Right, now it is only available in English.

Google Pixel Smartphone Review

The smartphone interface works very fast, its speed and smoothness surpass many other competing smartphones. A gadget is supplied with a minimum number of preinstalled programs, which is a plus. In the interface, there were additional «chips,» for example, by swiping your finger on the fingerprint scanner, you can lower it and raise the notification curtain.


Google Pixel has turned out to be an impressive smartphone. It offers its users a high and stable speed of their work, an excellent camera, and a unique design. The smartphone stands out for its appearance among other phones and does not copy other devices. Because Google is the manufacturer, OS users will be able to get the most up-to-date Pixel users. Google Pixel smartphone will find many fans, as it can satisfy the needs of most users.