Large companies often not only create new developments but for a number of reasons they get rid of old ones. This is exactly what the Google developers did, saying that they soon intend to say goodbye to a popular email client. And they offered users an alternative solution to manage their email.

Google will get rid of the favorite email client

A post appeared on the Gmail developer twitter, stating that an alternative mail project of a company called Inbox will be closed soon. Until recently, both clients worked and developed in parallel — but it seems Google’s opinion has changed.

Inbox differs from Gmail not only in design but also in a number of unique «chips,» which include a preview of letters (including for a mobile application), notifications and reminders, its own e-mail sorting system, different from Gmail. It was thanks to the Inbox that Gmail introduced the function of deferred letters and other convenient tools.

Earlier this year, a Google spokesman told Computerworld journalist that Gmail and Inbox continue to evolve in parallel. And if the first one is an excellent ready-made option for the mass user, the second one combines the functions of mail and the “test site” on which innovative functions are tested. Probably, Google decided not to create internal competition, focusing on the only option for the development of their e-mail.

“For the past four years, you have been helping us improve email. We have added the popular inbox features to Gmail, helping billion people do more. Thank! We will focus on Gmail and say goodbye to Inbox in March 2019, ”reads the message on developer twitter.

At the end of the appeal, the developers attached a link to the instructions for the final migration from Inbox to Gmail.