Google has restricted access to non-certified Android devices for its services, which includes the Google Play app store. This means that smartphones that do not meet the requirements of the search giant or do not pass certification will no longer be shipped with the pre-installed GApps package.

As you know, Google keeps track of which devices are supplied with the GApps application suite, which includes Google Play, Google, Google Drive, Gmail and other company services. To obtain permission to install these programs, companies must certify each device. But some brands — especially budget device manufacturers — ignored this rule, installing GApps manually, since such a feature was provided in custom firmware. Now, this loophole is closed.

Google services will soon begin to check the firmware build date. If it is later than March 16, and Google does not certify the device, then when you start Google Play or any other service of the search giant, a notification on the error of the material nature will appear on the screen.

Google will restrict access to branded services

For users of custom firmware and devices with a free downloader, there will still be a way to access Google services. To do this, you must manually register the device by specifying the Android ID. However, it is worth remembering the restriction of 100 identifiers for a single Google account. So if you often change firmware or smartphones, this limit can be quickly exhausted.

In addition to registering the Google identifier, you can also forge the certification with the Magisk utility. As users say, this method is still working.

Google does not say when the new rules will take effect.