It will use fiber optic switching technology and will also connect the American country with the United Kingdom.

Google works on a new submarine cable to connect the United States with Europe. It will fork to reach the United Kingdom and Spain.

The project should be completed in 2022. After its construction the towns of Bude and Bilbao will be linked with the place of Shirley in New York . It is the first Google route to Spain.

Named Grace Hopper in honor of the pioneering computer of the same name, this cable will be equipped with 16 pairs of fibers , improving the internet infrastructure that currently connects the American and European continents.

Google wants to boost services like Google Cloud, Gmail and Meet . Like other private cables like Curie, Dunant and Equiano, Grace Hopper will allow you to plan for future needs.

As a special feature, it will use fiber optic switching technology to optimize the reliability of communications.