The new flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 survived on the test strength of Zach Nilsson, so videoblogger made the device another test. This time the famous flexor showed how the last flagship OnePlus looks with a fully transparent back cover.

How OnePlus 6 looks like with a transparent lid

OnePlus 6 became the first flagship manufacturer with a glass back cover. It is available in three colors: glossy black, matte black and matte white. There is also a special version of OnePlus 6 Avengers Limited Edition in an exclusive design.

With a hairdryer, Nielson heated the glue under the back cover and then detached it. When disassembling, the blogger found that the battery in the gadget is white, not red, as was the case with the original OnePlus One and OnePlus 2. Therefore, the blogger attached a red sticker to the battery. Then he began to remove the black coating from the glass backdrop. After the assembly, Zak received a unique version of OnePlus 6 with a transparent cover, under which all the «insides» of the smartphone are visible.