it Also supports the transition to work spaces, virtual with devices HP mt22 Mobile Thin Client and HP ThinPro Go.

Ensure business continuity with the work from home, but by implementing the relevant security measures, has become during the past few weeks in the primary goal of companies that perform an activity compatible with teleworking.

“as companies and workers adapt to the new realities of the work from home during this unique situation that we are experiencing, the need for devices focused in the cloud that are secure and easy to deploy has never been more critical”, says Pablo Ugarte, general manager, Personal Systems HP, has unveiled new computers laptop for remote workers.

“Our new Chromebooks and solutions thin clients notebooks are designed to meet the needs of professional users everywhere, whether you work from the couch, from the kitchen counter or, eventually, from the office”, highlighting Ugarte.

Those computers with operating system of Google are the HP Elite c1030 Chromebook Enterprise, HP Pro c640 Chromebook Enterprise and HP Chromebook Enterprise 14 G6.

The HP Elite c1030 Chromebook has a design in 360 degrees and it looks the screen of 13.5 inches in diagonal 3:2 ratio screen-body of 90,1 %, which is the highest so far for a Chromebook. It is the first Chromebook with a privacy screen built-in HP Sure View Reflect. It is also the first based on the Project Athena from Intel. And incorporates the tenth generation of Intel processors with a system of active cooling to withstand the multi-tasking intensive.

Offers Wifi, 6 wireless LAN extended range of HP, LTE optional, fingerprint sensor and switch privacy of the webcam. And reaches the 12 hours of autonomy. In addition, it is committed to sustainability, with a cover made of 75 % recycled aluminium, a keyboard with 50 % recycled plastic and speakers from plastics from the ocean.

The HP Pro c640 Chromebook Enterprise 14-inch also opt for the Intel core processors tenth generation and arrives at 12 hours of duration. Uses Fast Charge technology HP to recharge the battery to 90% in 90 minutes.And it has features like a shutter camera to protect yourself from cybercriminals, optional fingerprint sensor for quick access, webcam and audio to facilitate collaboration, and an integrated HDMI port to avoid dongles.

This computer adopts a flat design with 180 degree hinge, supports Wi-Fi 6 technology, includes extended range LAN, uses aluminum outdoors and has a backlit keyboard that resists spills of up to 350 milliliters of water. < / p>

The HP Chromebook Enterprise 14 G6 goes up to 13.5 hours of battery life and shares specifications with other models, such as fast charging, the HP Privacy Camera to prevent remote hacking and improved Wi-Fi performance with HP Extended Range Wireless LAN. The workspace can be expanded with HDMI and USB-C. And the keyboard supports cleaning with wet wipes.

HP completes this release and the transition to virtual workspaces with the HP mt22 Mobile Thin Client and HP ThinPro Go.

The HP mt22 Mobile Thin Client uses HP’s ThinPro operating system with multi-layered security, self-healing BIOS, Intel Celeron chips, and HP Extended Range Wireless LAN. This is completed with the HP Privacy Camera. It should be noted that it is the first mobile hinge with a 180 degree flat hinge, as well as having an aluminum chassis and allowing a quick transition to desktop, displays and accessories with HP USB-C base connection.

The HP ThinPro Go , meanwhile, is characterized by allowing booting into an HP ThinPro operating system environment from USB for direct and secure access to applications and data.