The facilities that the Giant Blue lifted in Fetsund, Norway, completed a network of 48 centers of cloud data worldwide.

IBM has nearly half a hundred data centers cloud spread around the world. Just open the number 48 that is, in addition, the twelfth of the company in Europe.

The location chosen on this occasion is Fetsund, as explained by the Giant Blue in a press release, is about 30 miles from the capital of norway Oslo. The highlights of the opening of this data center is that it is the first of these features that IBM sits in the nordic countries. It would also be the first of its kind in the region at a general level, to the industry.

With its creation, the local clients gain access to services such as IBM’s Bluemix and Watson, as well as a whole range of analytical capabilities, or the replication of data in different locations. The center offers everything from storage to networking and security.

“We are committed to provide customers with global and local is the path to quick and easy to IBM Cloud to accelerate your digital transformation”, comments Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Cloud.

“This investment”, continues to LeBlanc, “it will provide nordic customers, especially those in regulated industries, a greater flexibility to manage and drill down on the data within the region,”.