The developer had the time to talk to us also about the collaborative work between id Software and Avalanche Studios, involved both in this project: "We have learned a lot. The way of thinking is very different. In id Software we’re accustomed to designing experiences linear, but in the Avalanche have more experience in the worlds open. What we have in RAGE 2 is a combination of both ways of making games, a crossing of glances, so to speak. This also made us think in a design playable different".

In this regard, Willits told us that while at id Software have a approach of missions traditional (beginning, middle and end), in Avalanche his approach comes from all directions: "This made us refocus our philosophy. But in the end the result was good, the systems are robust, the AI has flexibility… This game you can play it in many ways thanks to that".

we have Already had the opportunity to try the game for several hours. In our impressions playable of RAGE 2 you can learn more about a very interesting proposal that will appear on PS4, Xbox One and PC next may 14.