Dreams come true: the company IKEA, known for its unusual names, which can break the language, set about developing the perfect chair for gamers. Hard stools, huge leather sofas, and computer chairs can be left in the past — only individual seats that exactly match the shapes of the buyer’s buttocks, only hardcore. The success of cybersports, according to the company, depends not only on the skills and power of the PC. Convenience is what’s important! This is where the technology of scanning the fifth point comes to the rescue.

IKEA takes care of the fifth points of gamers

The other day the Swedish company reported on cooperation with the company UNYQ, specializing in the production of prostheses using 3D printing, and the gaming education center Area Academy. The result of teamwork was Ubik — a chair designed with all the features and needs of gamers. But hold your horses: just look into the store and buy a novelty will not work. You need to purchase a basic frame, undergo a body scan procedure and wait a few weeks. Then, at last, it will be possible to take away a couple of «pillows,» perfectly repeating your forms.

During the presentation, the novelty was tested by Tommy Ingemarsson, a famous Swedish player. This level of personalization of the workplace, he believes, not only improves the quality of life and health but can also become a real competitive advantage. The first chairs are likely to appear in IKEA stores already in 2020 — well, the rise of e-sports is not far off.