Apple plans to release soon a relatively inexpensive MacBook, as well as an update for Mac mini desktop, aimed at professional users.

The new laptop looks like an existing MacBook Air. A distinctive feature is the thin frame of the screen. The display will remain approximately the same size — about 13 inches diagonally. But it is expected that the screen of the novelty will be high-resolution.

Specialists emphasize that the MacBook Air at the moment is the only Apple-made laptop without a screen with a high resolution, despite the cost of $ 1000. Three years ago, the company released a 12-inch MacBook, which was positioned as a replacement for the MacBook Air. But its price was even higher — $ 1,300. This circumstance did not allow making the device very popular.

Because it is expected that the upcoming novelty will be cheaper. It is designed for those who can not afford a very expensive laptop, as well as for educational institutions that always buy less expensive equipment, but they take it in bulk.

Most likely, Apple will introduce new laptops in October after the presentation of the new iPhone and Apple Watch. It is planned that a new version of the MacOS Mojave will be launched with new laptop models. It will add new features, for example, the ability to sort files and launch applications originally designed for the iPad, like Apple News.