he Argues that technology has always been “a great ally” to “beat the odds more quickly and deal strengthened the best of times”.

“The world of technology has evolved and has been adapted reinventing itself in each crisis. Since the bubble dot-com crash, the financial crisis of 2008 and the current health crisis, the technology has been a great ally that has allowed the companies and the society in general to adapt and overcome adversity more quickly and deal strengthened the best of times”.

With these words you have introduced to Antonio Chamorro Knight, director of Strategy of the Spanish consultancy atSistemas, the new services of technological development company.

The portfolio seeks to adapt to the new normal of organizations while fighting the pandemic, for example ,with Data services & Business that allow to obtain knowledge to tackle projects with infrastructure data. Here come into play in phenomena such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, or Big Data, that allow to connect the physical and digital worlds, in addition to take well-informed decisions in less time thanks to an efficient exploitation of the data.

This consulting firm also bet on services Enterprise Solutions, capabilities of IT Governance and services Smart Development. On the one hand, reinforces the positioning in the market together with large manufacturers of software, with innovative products and a focus on cloud-native. On the other, reinforces the process of development, from the conception to the commissioning of the software, from the hand of the agile methodologies, the philosophy of DevOps and tools such as Atlassian. In addition, it implies from the definition of the software architecture, spain, in early stages where a bad choice can be fatal, and looking for knowledge in architectures of microservicios.

part of Channels & Commerce, atSistemas offers care brand and reputation, deepen your digital marketing, content, and positioning. And, in short, in the experience of consumption, with services available from any device and channel of interaction, e-commerce platforms and management CMS.

Other services offered are those of Digital Experience & Design for the initial conception of digital products, on the basis of the interface and the user experience, the the Digital divide Wolves for Digital marketing, CRM, culture Agile and digital workplace and the online training companies, through the division DEXS, to educate a connected society that requires social distancing.