The other day on Steam announced a curious novelty, which many will inevitably introduce into a stupor and make you think about why you actually became a gamer. To entertain, explore mysterious worlds and destroy hordes of monsters? Maybe so. Some developers, however, believe otherwise. Games — this is not fun for you, but an excellent way to prepare for any hardship of being. You can already survive in a zombie apocalypse, but what about the harsh everyday life of ordinary vagabonds? Say goodbye to a cozy bed and a warm dinner, because today we will talk about a simulator homeless.


Bum Simulator is a game in which you find yourself on the unfriendly streets of a metropolis without money, food and any hope of a happy existence. Are you hungry? Well, dig in the nearest garbage can, suddenly lucky. Do you want some privacy? Here’s a box from under the fridge. Are the police trying to drive you out of their homes? Set them on rabid pigeons and run, where the eyes look. Just do not take in head to go down the drain; otherwise a gang of local rats will wait for a chic dinner from your remains.

Okay, not so bad. The most goal-oriented can try to wash off dirt, get on the right path, find work and become an exemplary cog in the system. But why turn a crazy adventure into a simulator of an honorable citizen? As early as October 5, anyone who wants can plunge into a world full of despair and hopelessness. The main thing — do not be too flattered by the heady freedom of the homeless, even if your smartphone is steeper than yours.