Specializing in visual recognition, automated, will allow you to move forward in the market of the inspection to the automotive industry.

may 31, Konica Minolta closed the acquisition of Eines Systems, an operation that has now been disclosed.

Their assets will allow you to forward in the market of visual inspection for the automotive industry. And is that Konica Minolta already has solutions for the measurement of light and color of the objects that are based on optical technologies developed by his old business of cameras and refined.

Eines Systems is a company specializing in visual recognition, automated. She brings to her new owner inspection systems and solutions for the automotive production.

“Currently, several processes of visual recognition in the automotive industry depend, in large measure, of the human eye and face challenges as quality improvement, results in more stable and the saving of labor” explained from Konica Minolta, which highlights that, “to address these challenges, Eines Systems has developed systems for visual inspection of automotive paint”.

These systems have come to european customers during the past few years and now will look for more implementation outside of Europe.