So reveals a report by Hiscox, which concluded that, for example, the incidents of the supply chain are already something common.

How has it evolved cyber security in enterprises during the last year? In accordance with a report Hiscox in several countries, including Spain, are more the companies that suffer attacks and, in addition, these attacks have increased in frequency.

So, of the 45 % of companies who lived at least an attack, according to the report from Hiscox to 2018, now, a year later, the figure rises to 61 %.

And the losses, as a consequence, you shoot. On average, it has grown from 180 000 pounds to 291 000 in losses, that is a 61% increase. In the case of larger companies, those that have the templates up to 999 employees, the growth is even greater, as you climb the 128 000 to over half a million.

incidents in the supply chain are already common, with nearly two-thirds of companies (65 %) experiencing problems of this type, especially in the sectors of technology, media, telecommunications, and transportation.

Also it should be noted that only 1 out of every 10 companies has managed to reach the status of expert in preparation for cyber according to this study, while 74% is in the level “rookie”.

The CEO of Hiscox Cyber, Gareth Wharton, says that times have changed, and if before the attackers “focused on larger companies, now small and medium-sized businesses are equally vulnerable.

The cyber threat has become the inevitable cost of doing business in today” sentence.

“positive”, awards, “is that we see more companies adopting a structured approach to problem”. And here would “a defined role for managing cyber-strategy, and more preparation”. In fact, if in 2018, a 32 % of companies seemed not to have such a role defined, the number has fallen in this 2019, at the half, to 16 %.

Likewise, drops the number of organizations that do not engage in changes after suffering a cyber incident. In this case, it has gone from 47 % to a more discreet 32 %.