If anyone does not know, the Nokia 3310, released in 2000, is a cult button phone. Nokia managed to sell about 126 million copies. Why did they buy it? Because it was convenient and practical, a week could work without recharging, because of the attractive design, and also due to the fact that this device was almost impossible to break. And of course, due to the fact that it was the game «Snake.»

And now Nokia has returned to us. And she decided to mark her comeback with the release of a new version of the legendary phone. Of course, in 2017 you can not just take and release a device with characteristics of 17 years ago. Therefore, the Nokia 3310 (2017) is very different from its predecessor. Still, there is a lot of talk about this model. Someone is disappointed, someone is happy. But we remind you that it’s better to express your opinion about the phone only after you try it in business.

Appearance and ergonomics

One of the chips of Nokia 3310 (2000) was a characteristic design with smooth lines. The developers of the 2017 model tried to copy it, and they succeeded. However, the phone has become somewhat wider and higher, but at the same time and thinner. If the dimensions of the old Nokia were 113x48x22 mm, then the size of the new phone is 115.6x51x12.8 mm.

Nokia 3310: the legendary hero back in service

Nokia 3310 (2000) was dark gray, but the front panel could be changed. The new device does not have any interchangeable panels, but you can choose one of four colors: light gray, dark blue, red or yellow. The phone looks very interesting, and retro lovers will appreciate it. Nokia 3310 (2017) is easy to imagine in the hand of a hipster trying to create a particularly fashionable bow. By the way, the mobile device lies well in the palm of your hand.

The case is made of plastic. The developers have provided a 3.5-mm jack for headphones. In accordance with the spirit of the time the phone got a micro USB connector. Yes, the Nokia 3310 (2000) had a proprietary connector for connecting the charger. But this detail is definitely not worth reviving. After all, if you lose a charger, finding a new one will not be so easy. Now you can use any standard device with a micro USB connector. Also, note the slot for microSD memory card.

Color Screen

If the Nokia 3310 (2000) had a monochrome screen, the Nokia 3310 (2017) boasts a color display. Its diagonal is 2.4 inches, the resolution is 240×320 pixels. A special coating makes the display more readable in bright sunlight. The screen is manufactured using TFT technology. The picture on it is quite bright and legible.

Management Features

The phone is running the Nokia Series 30+ operating system. All its functions can be used with the help of physical buttons located on the front panel.

Nokia 3310: the legendary hero back in service

Right under the screen, we see a five-way joystick, used, in particular, for navigating through the menu, as well as buttons responsible for receiving and canceling the call. Below is a 12-button keyboard. With it, you can dial a number, write SMS, and also use some other functions. The shape of the buttons differs markedly from the one used in the Nokia 3310 (2000). And this is good. New buttons are bigger, they have a more convenient form. It’s not easy to miss them, and you’ll probably get the right number or text message without any problems.

What can the Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 (2017) — this is primarily a device for communication. You can call, you can send an SMS. The device provides two slots for SIM cards. This means that you can use two phone numbers. Just keep in mind that the device only works on 2G networks.

So that during the walks, trips, waiting for transport at the bus stop you were not bored, the developers provided the radio and MP3-player. There is a camera on the phone. It is equipped with a 2-megapixel matrix, it does not have autofocus, so you should not expect anything special from it.But to make with her help, a simple photo is quite real.

Nokia 3310: the legendary hero back in service

The internal memory of this device is 16 MB. Somehow it is not enough, is not it? Therefore, the developers did not forget about the memory card slot. It can insert a microSD card up to 32 GB in size to store music or photos on it.

And of course, we can not fail to mention the updated «Snake.» Together with the legendary phone, Nokia decided to revive the legendary game. Yes, 17 years ago people with pleasure drove a chain of points along the screen, eating other points and increasing in size until it rested on its own tail. Now you can do the same but on the color screen.

Recall that the new Nokia has become almost twice as thin as the original model of 2000. But it has a more capacious battery: 1,200 mAh against 900 mAh for Nokia 3310 (2000). Such a reserve of energy allows the owner of the novelty to count for 22 hours of conversation. In standby mode, the phone can last up to 31 days.

Who needs a legend today?

Nokia 3310: the legendary hero back in service

Who is the target audience for the Nokia 3310 (2017)? First, a convenient, practical, reliable phone will interest everyone who uses mobile devices primarily for communication. After all, despite the triumphant march of smartphones on the planet, there are many people who do not use built-in multi-pixel cameras, do not like touch screens and do not surf the Internet.

Secondly, the device will attract the attention of those who had a Nokia 3310 17 years ago. Indeed, why not buy a novelty to compare it with the legend of those times?

Thirdly, do not discount retro lovers. After all, Nokia 3310 (2017) is not just a phone. It is also a bright, cute accessory, allowing to supplement the image, make it complete.