Sophos promises greater capacity to respond to cyber attacks thanks to the security synchronized.

Sophos has improved Sophos Central through the incorporation of its next-generation technology XG Firewall, which leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

This means that, from a single management platform that is cloud-based, Sophos offers its entire portfolio of cyber security solutions, allows you to work in the protection of networks and endpoints sharing alerts about incidents and promises quick responses to cyber attacks using advanced security features synchronized. The latter is possible thanks to Security Heartbeat, and is a step forward compared to the reaction of the solutions separately.

Sophos explains that Firewall XG communicates automatically with its solutions for endpoints leading to a proactive protection, interrupting the chain of attacks with the insulation of the equipment and measures to repair.

“IT companies do not have the resources needed to respond to the volume of cyber attacks and constantly changing. Threats sophisticated need intelligent security solutions that are predictive, multi-layered and that they can work together as a single system,”, says Ricardo Maté, general manager of the Sophos for Spain and Portugal.

“With Sophos Central, the partners and their clients have access to all the technologies of security to next-gen of Sophos and can benefit from the advances of the security synchronized from the same place” he says.

“The landscape of cyber threats has evolved, and now our approach to protecting the IT infrastructure that supports our businesses must also evolve”, he says I Killed her. “Every IT organization, big or small, you need to have a innovative security, integrated and scalable. Sophos Central provides all this, in addition visibility on everything that is going on and where it is happening, something that is of vital importance”.