Among other innovations, it prevents the loss of data due to a replication Near Sync with an RPO of 20 seconds.

Keep your business assets against any eventuality is a goal common to all businesses. And it is a goal that has been accentuated during the last few weeks with the occasion of the pandemic coronavirus.

In this context, Nutanix has updated its software infrastructure hiperconvergentes (HCI) and hypervisor AHV with features that enable to protect mission-critical applications and to ensure continuity in case of disaster.

This happens to facilitate designs of disaster recovery multisite for a quick reaction to simultaneous failures in at least two data centers. With advanced automation for the recovery, Nutanix promises to put the applications and data available to users.

in Addition, the hypervisor Nutanix AHV will support natively the replication synchronous or for near instantaneous data between multiple locations. This means that customers will be able to take advantage of high-availability services, including virtual desktop infrastructure, databases, and virtualization of servers.

Another improvement stands out is the data loss near zero with replication Near Sync. Nutanix promises a recovery point objective (RPO) 20 seconds, which improves three times what he was offering.

finally, enter the orchestration of disaster recovery Runbooks for greater flexibility and control over the process and a focus on specific applications.

“to Maintain the operations of business in operation is the top priority for all types of businesses and organizations. However, the majority of them depend on disaster recovery solutions and custom-made hand to protect against possible system failures”, pointing to Greg Smith, vice president of product marketing at Nutanix

“Nutanix now offers natively, disaster recovery solutions, automated and easy to implement”, difference Smith, “designed for those applications that must be always available”.