The network has a list of accessories that can be purchased for the new OnePlus 6T smartphone. Sources have disclosed the cost of these related products.

The release of new items from OnePlus is scheduled for November 17, although almost the full amount of information about it is already known. Now, potential buyers will have an understanding of what can be added to the device. Since the OnePlus 6T lacks a 3.5mm audio headphone jack, it comes with a USB Type-C headset worth € 19.95. Besides, it will be possible to purchase an adapter that will allow you to use standard headphones with a smartphone. The adapter was priced at € 8.95.

The company has taken care to provide OnePlus 6T customers with a choice of protective covers and bumpers that will keep the mobile case. In particular, you can choose a black nylon bumper for € 26.95, carbon or ebony. The last two options will cost € 31.95. Also, protective covers made of sandstone and carbon fiber are planned for sale. The first option was priced at € 21.95, and the second — € 26.95. All prices are calculated for EU countries, and, perhaps, in other regions, the cost of accessories for a smartphone will be different.