With a price of 6 euros per month, is a service intended to securely share the wireless access to the establishments and also to the professionalization of campaigns of ‘marketing’.

Share wifi with customers without worrying about security. That is the goal of MORE WiFi Premium, the new service of the Group MASMOVIL, that is aimed at the customers of MASMOVIL Business.

This is self-employed and small businesses. And, more specifically, the hospitality sector and the restoration and spaces such as waiting rooms, medical centers, or dedicated to leisure and culture, in the style of the centres of coworking, libraries, and cultural centers.

“we Believe that, in these moments we need to further support small business”, says Victor Guerrero, director of Group Companies MASMOVIL, in full crisis of the coronavirus. “With MORE WiFi Premium, you will be able to share the access to WiFi in their establishments safely through a router and the wireless network and also be able to professionalize campaigns of marketing to your customers”.

The device associated with one or MORE WiFi Premium is plug and play, and it supports multiple connection profiles. With the router and a wireless network, businesses will be able to share the connection of your premises without compromising the business network. What makes MORE WiFi Premium is separate the private network from the public to avoid any leakage of data.

Another possibility is the incorporation of the corporate image along with the access to the portal and its customization for campaigns marketing advanced, which allow you to customize the information according to the client.

The service OVER WiFi Premium has a monthly price of 6 € . As an introductory offer, the first month you will be able to use for free.