Qualcomm has revealed plans to release the latest audio codec, which will make wireless headphones more convenient for playing and watching movies. Modern models of headphones wirelessly sin that in them the sound does not keep up with the action on the screen.

New audio codec AptX Adaptive company Qualcomm presented at theBerlin exhibition IFA 2018. The main highlight of the development isthat with the codec, the delay in sound in wireless headphones willbe reduced to a minimum. According to the developers, the gapbetween the action on the screen and the sound does not exceed 40milliseconds. Moreover, in Qualcomm claim that the sound will beautomatically adjusted for the content, and the user does not need toput anything in manual mode.

Qualcomm promises perfect sound in wireless headphones

For example, if a person listens to music, then the main emphasis is on sound quality. But when using wireless headphones for a computer game or watching a video, the emphasis will be on reducing the gap between video and audio stream. In this case, the sound quality may get a little lost, but there will not be a desync between audio and video content.

The AptX Adaptive codec will be compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. It is planned that the audio codec will appear next year in the forthcoming Snapdragon 855 chipset.