This extra capacity in the protection solution of remote work stations will be available from next Monday, June 15.

Qualys offers your solution to Remote-Endpoint Protection for protection of remote work stations free for 60 days. And now this free trial is complete with the ability of detection of malware.

Qualys Remote Endpoint Protection with detection of malware will be available from next Monday, June 15th. The users that are currently using this license of 60 days shall be eligible for an extension for 30 more days.

“By leveraging our cloud platform is robust and scalable, we have been able to quickly offer a supply to protect the computers of remote workers and to monitor and correct continuously the vulnerabilities”, says Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys. “As a result, more than 700 enterprises, of which almost 50 percent are new customers, have enrolled in the free offer of 60 days”, she reveals.

“Today we have added detection of malware, as a prelude to what we will show in the summer, when we present the unifying power of our cloud platform for the detection and response for endpoints, Cloud Platform to Endpoint Detection and Response”, added.

To detect malware, both end-points such as servers and workloads in the cloud, Qualys uses the reputation of files and the classification of threats.