Not to explore the current and future needs of the business, guided only by the price, or copy the decisions of others are the three mistakes you will fail.

are you Going to renew the technology of your company and you don’t know where to start? Are you ready to start your business and you need to choose the software with which you are going to work from now on? You are in the stadium in the business you are in, the choice of programs and tools is something basic.

And the truth is that not everyone does it well, especially in a time of technological development in which the options are multiplied.

Is more, there are a number of errors which are pretty common when buying software, according to the consultant SoftDoit, you recommended to take time in the search process to try not to err.

“Not to be aware of the needs of the company, neither the current nor those that shall come” you will fail for sure. Although the selected software will evolve with different versions, you will have to apply for greater safety and productivity, it is logical that you continue faithful to your choice for a few years. You will use this software during a time, which forces you to study in the detail the characteristics of your business and areas to enhance now and as you grow.

Another bug is “don’t know how to discern the type of software” ideal among a great variety of options. It will be useful to establish categories, distinguishing between, for example, software horizontal and integral to certain management and software vertical for a particular sector. Another decision that needs to be taking a prioiri is the storage solution, either on-premises, in the company’s servers, in the cloud.

Let go of the tool more economical or which is more popular”, which already used by other companies simply because they use it, can’t result in anything good. Each company has its own particularities. In addition, if a tool is very cheap in the beginning, I could have trick hidden and that its price will rise later to pay for maintenance.

“does Not take into account the demos, or the after sales services” you can also quit expensive, for the same issue of the maintenance, support, assistance and training. In case you are able to access a demo first, your company and you will be able to familiarize themselves with its functionality and you you will save headaches.

there is “olvidarse that employees are also part of the process” or fall into a new error. All the team will use the solution, so that all its members have to be aware of the new functions and uses before it is deployed to be able to take advantage of the best of the ways. If the whole team feels, and is, involved, the process will be more simple.

finally, “does not take into account the professional advice” can bring bad consequences, especially when they do not have very clear what you need the company or which solution fits with greater fidelity to their requirements.