Together they totaled more than 8 million downloads posing as photography programs and games.

malware has been re-cast in the Google mobile device software store, Google Play, through applications that contained adware .

This is what explained Trend Micro, which already gave the alarm to the Mountain View giant, so that those applications with adware , identified as AndroidOS_Hidenad .HRXH, have already been removed. Until then, added more than 8 million downloads posing as 85 programs photography and games .

One of the highlights of this threat was its technique to avoid being discovered based on time.

The malware was able to determine if it had been installed on its victims’ device for long enough time , usually 30 minutes. If I exceeded this mark, I proceeded to hide the icon and create a shortcut on the home screen.

In addition, could verify the time in relation to the ads shown. In order not to submit the same ad very often , he made checks on the advertising that users had encountered before.

On the other hand, it was possible to set the frequency of the ads remotely, with a default value of 5 minutes.