despite having closed a good second quarter, this market will fall to 118 million units by around 2016.

you Can that the PC market is in a hurry. But the screens for computers has scored a second quarter that has surprised the experts.

“The second quarter was better than the overall forecast, with the markets of the united States, EMEA and Canada registering results year-to-year solid”, comments Maura Fitzgerald, senior research analyst, senior of Worldwide Trackers at IDC. In total, were placed more than 30 million units, which represents growth of 4.9% and 4.6% level year-on-year and quarterly, respectively.

The manufacturer more units sold is Dell, that you are left with a 17 % share of the market after boosting their numbers. Although who has improved most in the top 5 is HP Inc. Also worth noting is the performance of Lenovo, displacing Samsung in the fourth position. The list of top sellers is closed by LG.

By screen types, the most popular models are the 21.5-and 19.5-inch, although they do not grow as much as 23.8 and 31.5 inches. On the other hand, shines the performance of the monitors curved, whose sales have experienced a growth of 221 % with regard to the figures in the Q2 of 2015.

yes, “IDC expects the worldwide market for monitors continues to decrease” in future dates, as it warns Maura Fitzgerald.

despite the growth of the second quarter, for all, 2016 is only expected to be 118 million units placed, representing a fall of 12.7 %. And during the second quarter of 2017 will be achieved only 26.7 million. Already later, in 2020, are planned shipments annually of less than 100 million units.