Huawei has managed to improve its numbers during the second quarter, despite the ban issued by the united States.

sales of smartphones at the global level are still not traced. Gartner has published the results for the second quarter, which ended with a decline of 1.7 % from the more than 374 million units to less than 368 million.

in Addition, two of the five major vendors also reduced their sales: Apple and OPPO.

On iPhone sales, which experienced a fall of 13.8 %, Anshul Gupta, senior director of research of Gartner, explica that the company of the apple bite “has reached an inflection point marked by the shift of its business towards services, which”, for example, “accounted for 21 % of the total revenue of the seller in the first quarter of 2019”.

While, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi increased their numbers, especially Huawei, despite the ban issued by the united States has managed to increase its sales by 16.5 %. This helped the adjournment of the veto and the strength of the brand in China, where his numbers improved to 31 %.

Between Huawei and Samsung, represent “more than a third of the total sales of smartphone global”.

yes, in general terms, analysts are expecting a 2019 weak that you end up with a few 1 500 million units of smart phones sold.