just a few months after his appointment as co-CEO, Jennifer Morgan has agreed his departure from the company. Christian Klein will be in charge.

Bill McDermott is apartaba from SAP at the end of last year, which made the company take the decision to change to a model of a double CEO.

in order To fill the vacancy from McDermott, elegy to Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein, both members of the Board of Directors, until that time president of the Cloud Business Group and director of SAP Operations.

But the change has only lasted months.

In the midst of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, the company has decided to return to the previous model.

Christian Klein will continue at the helm of SAP, while Jennifer Morgan has agreed his exit from the 30 of this month.

“More than ever”, prays the note on this movement, “the current environment requires companies to take quick measurements, and determined that best support a structure of leadership very clear”. The transition from two to a single CEO is will abide by “ahead of schedule to ensure a strong leadership and unequivocal in times of unprecedented crisis”.